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Minutes meets task management!

iMeetingX makes it easy to manage, structure, record and follow-up on your meetings. Whether you're planning your meetings, sending invitations, managing your todos, decisions and notes during a meeting or sending beautiful meeting minutes, iMeetingX increase performance in all these activities.

If you manage meetings with one person or 30 people, iMeetingX will ensure you can see who attended and all the to-do actions in a highly intuitive interface - all information in one app and one place.

iMeetingX is the perfect tool for everyone who has to plan, manage and take control of meetings or workshops. Get things done in 3 easy steps.

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Initiate a iMeetingX project

Step 1 - Initiate your project in minutes

Simply enter a project name, add project participants or import them from Contacts or iTaskX, make some changes to the appearance of your invitations and meeting minutes - save your project - Done!

To be flexible, in iMeetingX every project / undertaking is a single file which can contain unlimited meetings. So it's very easy to use also your favourite cloud-storage-services.

  • iCloud
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • Google Drive

This guarantees maximum flexibility.

Step 2 - Create invitations with one click

To prepare you meetings simply choose the next step „Plan”. iMeetingX offers out of the box templates for most cases. Of course, you can also create new meetings or templates with a few clicks manually. Beside the basic meeting data you can add for every meeting:

  • Meeting Participants
  • Objectives and Non-Objectives
  • Agenda
  • Attachments

After you have planed your meeting simply click on the „Complete Planning” button and iMeeting will send out automatically all invitations per email and move your meeting to the next step „Perform”.

With iMeetingX, every step flows naturally.

Plan a meeting or workshop
Perform a meeting or workshop

Step 3 - Perform your meeting

In the „Perform” area you can check presents, add entries for action items, decisions and notes and assign them to your meetings.

When you have a series of meetings you can simply assign this entries from previous meetings per drag and drop to a new meeting.

With iMeetingX you can also create custom filters or use one of the default filters to organice your entries.

  • All Entries
  • Open Entries
  • Overdue Entries
  • Unassigned Entries

And best off all, you can set due dates to any entry so that no deadline will be missed.

When your meeting is over simply click the „Close Meeting” button and iMeeting will send out automatically meeting minutes to all participants and move your meeting in the archive - iMeetingX doesn't forget anything!

No matter how much action items, decisions and notes your meeting has, iMeetingX makes it super easy to to keep an overview.

Five good reasons for iMeetingX

All information in one app and one place

No more juggling information in separate tools like email, text processing application, file sharing services or a separate task manager.

Integrated task management

Productive meetings result in action items. The central task list with action items, decisions and notes in iMeetingX will make sure that things get done.

Stay focused on your project

Add action items and notes during your daily project work and assign them later to a proper meeting.

Send invitations and meeting minutes with a single click

With iMeetingX you don’t need to spend additional time after the meeting writing meeting minutes in a text processing application.

No information will be lost

Simply search your past meetings in the iMeetingX archive to find decisions, notes, action items, meeting minutes...